Neuromuscular dentistry is focused on correcting misalignment in the bite and jaw joint in order to improve your bite and your smile. Neuromuscular dentistry recognizes that the teeth are not the only important part of your smile – the muscles and nerves are also greatly impacted by your bite. If your bite is misaligned or “off,” you may experience a significant amount of pain, including symptoms such as headaches, facial pain, muscle tension, jaw pain, and more. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Lynn Nehemiah, is pleased to provide neuromuscular dentistry in Washington, DC to ensure that your bite is properly aligned and that you live free from the pain caused by malocclusion and TMJ disorders. When the bite and jaw joint are properly aligned, the muscles achieve the optimal balance needed to relieve pain and enhance the appearance of your smile and your face.

Neuromuscular dental treatment may include dental work, orthodontic treatment, lifestyle changes, a bite or mouth guard, or other types of treatment. Dr. Locklear will determine which type of treatment will best meet your needs and help you achieve the proper bite. To learn more about neuromuscular dentistry and to schedule your visit with our caring dentist, we invite you to contact us today at Life-Enhancing Dentistry. We are eager to improve your smile!